Beginning of the New Me


Okay so I am about to be super up front and open with you guys. I am obese, unhealthy, spiraling downwards into the kind of life style I don’t want to live in. I have a 5 year old son, and my main goal in life is so watch him grow up and watch my grandkids grow up. I have some other personal goals for myself as well, like looking awesome in a swim suit or being able to shop at PINK or anywhere I want for that matter. I also want to start training to run in my Type 1 Diabetes 5K, in honor of my 11 year old nephew who was diagnosed 6 years ago.

So here comes the part that makes me so uncomfortable but by being honest I know it’ll keep me on track. Right now I weigh 283 pounds. My goal weight is 160, so with a 120 pound difference between my current weight and my goal/healthy weight I know there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done. So I am getting started and not looking back anymore, I am going to track my progress and weigh in once a week on here! Wish me luck!



Welcome to Everything-Everything! I am 21 years old, from Oklahoma and a momma to a sweet, ornery 5 year old little boy. I had my son young, as you can probably tell by the age difference, but now I get to spend even more time with my very best friend! My posts will take you guys through many journeys, as I hit my weight loss goals, get closer to college graduation, DIY projects, my walk with God, my daily adventures with my son, and family, life on the farm, and any other awesome thing I think is worth documenting! I really hope you guys enjoy following me and if you have any feedback send me a message!

-Happiness is everything