Beginning of the New Me


Okay so I am about to be super up front and open with you guys. I am obese, unhealthy, spiraling downwards into the kind of life style I don’t want to live in. I have a 5 year old son, and my main goal in life is so watch him grow up and watch my grandkids grow up. I have some other personal goals for myself as well, like looking awesome in a swim suit or being able to shop at PINK or anywhere I want for that matter. I also want to start training to run in my Type 1 Diabetes 5K, in honor of my 11 year old nephew who was diagnosed 6 years ago.

So here comes the part that makes me so uncomfortable but by being honest I know it’ll keep me on track. Right now I weigh 283 pounds. My goal weight is 160, so with a 120 pound difference between my current weight and my goal/healthy weight I know there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done. So I am getting started and not looking back anymore, I am going to track my progress and weigh in once a week on here! Wish me luck!

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